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Family Activities in Detroit, MI

With museums, monuments, and unique spots all over the city, Detroit has plenty in store for families looking to explore. Check out these 10 spots to plan your next adventure.
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Detroit Historical Museum

Got a little history buff on your hands? Consider visiting the Detroit Historical Museum, where the story of Detroit comes to life through 10 detailed gallery exhibits. One of the oldest metropolitan history museums in the country, the museum showcases artifacts and memorabilia that date back 300 years.  

Whether you want to revisit the city's past or show your children "where they came from," the Detroit Historical Museum offers a fun learning experience for the entire family.  Take a stroll down a re-created cobblestone street for a sense what life was like in the early 1800s. And be sure to visit the auto assembly line for a glimpse at Detroit’s industrial past.

While many of Detroit Historical Museum’s exhibits are permanent, some are temporary, giving families a unique experience each time they visit.

The Henry Ford

Get ready to experience a museum within a museum at The Henry Ford. Exhibits span multiple subjects including the Automobile in American Life and Presidential Limousines to the unique Your Place in Time, an exhibit that looks at everyday technologies that influenced different generations.

Unlike any other museum, The Henry Ford examines the history of everyday objects in our lives—something we all, especially children, often ignore.

Access to five separate attractions—the historic Greenfield Village, a museum focused on people and ideas, the Ford Rouge Factory tour, the Benson Ford Research Center, and an IMAX theater—will appease every member of the family.

Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit

For a dose of current as well as recently passed art history, take the family to Detroit’s Museum of Contemporary Art. Just driving to the museum, which is located in the heart of Detroit’s cultural center, is step toward broadening your horizons as well as those of your kids. Contemporary art lovers especially will not want to miss the beloved Detroit location.

A non-collecting museum, Detroit’s Museum of Contemporary Art boasts an ever-changing array of exhibits featuring the day’s most relevant art. For details on current exhibits as well as public outreach programs, check the museum’s website. 

Selfridge Militay Air Museum

Located near Mount Clemens, MI on Selfridge Air National Guard Base, Selfridge Military Air Museum and Air Park is dedicated to Michigan’s past and present military tradition.

Families who have relatives who are or were in the military will particularly appreciate the history the museum has to offer. Does your son or daughter wonder what the plane Great Grandpa flew in World War II was like? Selfridge offers up close looks at the interiors and exteriors of dozens of aircraft. Featuring aircraft flown in every U.S. military effort thus far, Selfridge Military Air Park is a testament to the technological history of the air force. Inside the Selfridge Military Air Museum, visitors will find memorabilia and artifacts from World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and more.

The Selfridge Military Air Museum and Air Park is open to the general public on weekends from April through October.

Pewabic Pottery

A National Historic Landmark and point of pride for Detroit, Pewabic Pottery is a long-standing arts institution. Pewabic Pottery was founded in 1903 during the Arts & Crafts Movement and is still widely recognized today for its unique glazes and tile.

Budding artists won't want to leave the museum's kiln, clay making, and glaze rooms, where they can observe Pewabic artists at work and perhaps begin to envision their own futures in the art world.

Self-guided and group guided tours reveal Pewabic’s past, present, and future. Housed in an Old English Tudor cottage, Pewabic Pottery instantly transports visitors into the past. The second-floor museum showcases the work and life of Mary Stratton, the founder of Pewabic Pottery, as well as rotating exhibits featuring the nation’s best ceramic artists.