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Lunch Spots in Cleveland, OH

Skip the fast food lines in Cleveland. This city offers a ton of hot lunch spots, so you can find something fast, delicious and budget-friendly, no matter what you’re hungry for.
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Tastebuds is the perfect lunch spot. The food is hot, fresh and served cafeteria-style so you get in and out in a hurry. The offer a wide variety of sandwiches, wraps, salads and more, all made right on the premises every day. Step right up and make your selection, they’ll serve it up and you’re ready to eat. They also offer lots of fresh fruit, yogurt and drinks if you’re in the mood for something light. Despite their lunch lady style of operation, the décor is far from reminiscent of your high school cafeteria. The place is decorated warmly, with bright colors and modern furniture so you know you’re someplace classy.

Souper Market

The Souper Market is a great place to stop for a light lunch. It’s a tiny storefront that offers up a handful of homemade soups, all of which tend to change with the seasons. For the best value, go for a combo. With this deal, you’ll get hot soup, a delicious salad and a chunk of soft bread at a great price. This deal is a win-win because it’s hard to tell what’s better here, the soup or the salad. With the combo, you get both!There’s only a few seats at the counter and they’re usually taken, so plan on taking your food home or back to the office to eat.

Dave’s Cosmic Subs

Dave’s Cosmic Subs is a local chain of sub shops that definitely have a Cleveland feel. Since this city is home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, it’s fitting that these sub shops are all designed with a rock and roll motif. The sandwiches are made to your tastes. Get one that’s small, large, hot or cold, with chips and a drink or all by itself. No matter what sub you choose, make sure it’s topped with Dave’s Cosmic Sauce, because this secret concoction is what makes Dave’s sandwiches so much better than your average sub. Dave's all have very minimal seating, so get your sub to go.

Nate’s Deli and Restaurant

Nate’s Deli and Restaurant is Cleveland’s best spot for Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food. Whether you love gyros, falafels or kabobs, they’ve got it. If they don’t have what you’re looking for, they’ll make it. The best loved menu item at Nate’s is the hummus, made to spread on nearly every other menu item. They have plenty of dining space and fast service, but also have a carryout option if you’re really in a rush.

Sushi 86

Sushi 86 is probably the best sushi in Cleveland. The sushi chef knows exactly what he’s doing, and he’s great at helping you find a roll or two you’ll love if you’re new to the sushi experience. If you just can’t stomach raw fish, they have several cooked and meatless options. Be sure to try the seaweed salad – it adds a lot to your meal. The décor is crisp, white and clean, and they have a great central location downtown. If your office is nearby, they’ll deliver, making it super convenient.