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Lunch Spots in Detroit, MI

Detroit has plenty of lunchtime spots to crave – from delicious Lebanese, Greek and Belgian eats to an old school deli where customers leave with a smile.
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Bastone Brewery

Tucked into the hip streets of Royal Oak, Bastone is the perfect restaurant and brewery to bring a group for lunch – whether friends or colleagues. The spacious European-style brasserie is housed in a 1930’s era building and the exterior has been restored to its original art deco charm. The menu features Belgian-style favorites including Waterzooi, steamed mussels and pomme frites, then expands to more wide-ranging features including sandwiches, artisan thin-crust pizzas, seafood, salads and more. Beers are hand-crafted on-site with the finest malt, fresh hops and unique Belgian-style yeast strains for delicious flavor and character. 

Hippo's Hot Dogs

While Detroit is known for Coney Island hot dogs, Hippo’s makes their mark selling a different kind of dog…well, many different kinds of dogs. The 23-year-old hot dog and sandwich joint offers up a menu with the main classic: The Chicago dog, but it doesn’t stop there. There’s a Polish dog, a New York dog, a Great Scot dog, and more. Taste and style varies as to which is best, but one thing is for certain – Hippo's makes a darn good dog. Plus, with incredible prices and huge portions, your tummy and wallet are guaranteed to be satisfied, too. 

Bucharest Grill

Bucharest Grill is where Detroiters go to get their chicken schawarma on. Boasting a traditional style kitchen with original recipes and handmade food, the unique spot is a downtown favorite for lunch on a budget or for night owls craving great food and local beer on tap at the adjoining Park Bar. The diverse menu includes hot dogs and burgers, but also schnitzel, stuffed peppers, Romanian sausage, and Middle Eastern classics, like shawarma and hummus – all made to order and inexpensive. Buyer beware: Garlic is heavily used (yet oh-so-delicious) – so you may want to avoid if you’re on a date.

Fountain Bistro

For a great bite to eat for a business lunch or a fun spot for happy hour, visit Fountain Bistro, located in the heart of downtown Detroit, in the beautiful Campus Martius Park. The French-inspired destination makes mouths water with its small menu full of delicious soups, hearty salads and paninis for lunch. The location is great for all seasons, too. Customers can enjoy iceskating during the winter and live music on Fridays during the summer. And of course, the “fountain” part of the name has meaning – there’s a beautiful fountain right outside the window for diners to enjoy.

La Pita

If your taste buds are calling for some quality Lebanese food, with modern Mediterranean flair, a stop to La Pita is a must. The restaurant is a destination for those seeking an upscale atmosphere and great Mediterranean food at an affordable price. The earthtone decor is welcoming, but the food is the real show stealer – featuring cultural staples like hummus, grape leaves, tabbouleh and various kabobs, tawooks and shwarmas. Additionally, La Pita offers vegetarian fare as well as natural health drinks and a plethora of salads and house specials.