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Nightlife in Detroit, MI

Detroiters love rockin’ tunes, yummy eats and strong drinks. Whether it’s hearing live music or enjoying a late-night snack, visitors will have plenty to do when night falls.
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Cadieux Cafe

Want a European vacation without the commitment, cost, or long flight? Cadieux Café has exactly what you need. Steeped in several decades of Belgian culture, Cadieux Café is a favorite spot among Detroit’s European population and a great host to anyone craving a unique vibe.

Like any other Detroit hotspot, Cadieux Café provides food, drink, and live entertainment. Its everything else that goes down at Cadieux Café, including pigeon racing and feather bowling, that makes it a unique, must-visit spot for any Detroit resident or visitor.

The truly adventurous spirit will appreciate Cadieux Café’s liver pate, Belgian rabbit, and all-you-can-eat mussel Mondays.

Go Comedy! Improv Theatre

Because Detroit’s live music venues are legendary, its other nightlife options often go overlooked. However, Go Comedy!, with a variety of hilarious shows running five nights a week, is pulling crowds away from the bar and club scenes.

In addition to fabulous local and national acts, Go Comedy! offers great drinks, friendly service, and a fresh and fun atmosphere that is difficult to come by anywhere else. One of the best spots for a second or four-hundred-and-thirty-second date, Go Comedy! is also great for any group. Individuals are, of course, welcome too. The only requirement is a willingness to laugh and laugh hard.

Pulse Lounge

Pulse Lounge borrows the energy of the club scene, the good spirits of the pub, and the sophistication of the martini bar and mixes them together to provide Detroit’s residents and visitors with a unique, upscale nightspot.

It’s a great place to meet the ladies for a fun-filled happy hour or to finish a date after dinner. Pulse Lounge can also accommodate large groups and plan private events.

Even though it’s an upscale establishment, Pulse offers a fair amount of good deals. Don’t miss Monday’s half-off martinis and Thursday’s $3 drafts. But don’t come hungry. There’s no kitchen at Pulse.

Motor City Brewing Works

We all know pizza and beer always form a perfect pair, but Motor City Brewing Works takes the partnership to another level. At MCBW, handcrafted beer compliments handmade brick oven pizzas. And there’s a combination for every taste. The beer menu includes dozens of seasonal special and award winners, including pale ales, lagers, stouts, and hard ciders. Just as unique, the pizza menu features toppings like chorizo, figs, lamb, and pine nuts alongside the traditional favorites. 

Located in the cultural center of Detroit, Motor City Brewing Works is a popular spot for students, artists, and anyone else who knows what’s good. Whether you’re craving a change, a friendly space, or a brick-oven pizza, MCBW’s deliciously different drink and dinner options are likely to hit the spot.

The Majestic

With a bowling alley, three restaurants and two live music venues, The Majestic is Detroit’s favorite entertainment complex. Where else can you roll out a few games, catch a live show, and grab a pizza?

Opened in 1915, The Majestic operated as a movie house, a church, and a pornographic studio before it was converted for its current uses in 1984. Harry Houdini allegedly performed on the Majestic’s main stage and some of the area’s most legendary musical acts, including The White Stripes and Kid Rock, have performed there.

With so many entertainment options, The Majestic is as perfect a spot for a fun first date as it is for a meet-up with old friends.