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Shopping in Cleveland, OH

If you’re coming to Cleveland, bring your wallet! This city has more than one great mall, but the opportunities don’t end there. You can truly shop till you drop here!
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Big Fun

This is a toy store made for adults. They carry gifts and gag gifts, along with several joke items and candy. The main attraction, though, is the retro toys. Remember that Barbie car you played with as a kid? They probably have one. How about that Cabbage Patch doll or the original Fisher Price Little People? They have those, too. Pretty much any toy you loved enough to actually remember, they’ve got one. Most people spend hours just walking the isles and reminiscing. Stop in and have fun, but plan to spend a while there.

Evie Lou

Evie Lou is run by Kim Crow, a former fashion and style columnist for the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Her clothes are really top notch, mostly because they somehow manage to be both super stylish and extremely comfortable. This is a match that’s not often found in clothing, so most ladies tend to flock once it’s been discovered. Unfortunately, the price tags are pretty high at Evie Lou’s. Kim is usually on the site, and she’s extremely helpful, always willing to help customers find the clothes that fit them best. The clothing at Evie’s isn’t targeted at size 2s like most boutiques – they advertise having fashion for all sizes, and they do.

Powter Puff Boutique

The Powter Buff is every bit boutique. The selection is varied, but small. Each item is hand-picked by the owner, and she caters to every customer that walks through the door, often helping them select items. The store carries a small selection of clothes and bags, but what tends to attract the most attention is the jewelry case. The beautiful pieces are mostly handmade, and are always unique and special. The prices here are fairly moderate, and are actually pretty low for a boutique. If you find something you like, snatch it up. The stock is always changing and once something is gone, it may not be back.

Flower Child

The flower child is a vintage consignment shop packed with everyday vintage items, as well as rare finds and hidden treasures. The store is divided into several rooms, each owned by a different vendor. This is a helpful set up because if you find something you really like, you’ll know to keep looking in that room for similar items. It’s also helpful on return visits, since you’ll know right were all your favorite vendors are located. Unlike many shops of this type, this store somehow manages to avoid looking cluttered. This helps it to be less overwhelming, although it still takes a lot of time to look at everything they have to offer.

Banyan Tree

Banyan Tree is an Earth-friendly store in the Tremont neighborhood. The clothes, which are mostly for women, are trendy and chic and made with organic and renewable materials. The gift section is fun and amusing, and it’s hard not to find something here you like. The handmade jewelry is one-of-a-kind and looks amazing.  The whole store is pretty pricey, as is common with most stores in the Tremont areas so come prepared to spend.